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Image Editing API


The image editing suites brings you some exclusive API endpoints with few default essential endpoints

Available Endpoints

Image Guided Edit

This endpoint is used to edit an image using a text prompt with the description of the desired changes.

Endpoint in Action
Picture to picture endpoint result

Depth to Image

This endpoint allows for depth to generate a picture.

Endpoint in Action
Depth to image endpoint result

Super Resolution Endpoint

Use this endpoint to get a super resolution version of an image by passing its URL.

Endpoint in Action
Super Resolution endpoint result

Image Mixer

Image mixers merges two images togethers to produce an eye catching result.

Image-Mixer endpoint result

Remove Background and Create Mask

Use this endpoint to remove background and(or) create mask.

removebg-createmask endpoint result

Magic Mix

Use this endpoint to generate an eye catching image blend with prompt

Magic-Mix endpoint result


Use this endpoint to outpaint

Outpainting endpoint result

Blip Diffusion

Use this endpoint to for blip diffusion

Blip-Diffusion endpoint result


Use this endpoint to wear a cloth image on an existing model body.

Fashion endpoint result


This endpoint takes one input image and generates multiple views of that same image. Note that images of objects and images without a background produces better result.

Multiview endpoint result


This endpoint allows you to generate head shot image

Head-Shot endpoint result

Inf Edit

This endpoint allows for consistent editing at both the semantic and spatial levels, catering to intricate modifications without compromising on the image's integrity.

Inf-Edit endpoint result


This endpoint allows you to generate image with the face image provided

Face gen endpoint result


You can try the available endpoints in our Playground section, just make sure to sign up first.